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Grand Solmar at Rancho San Lucas is located on the Pacific coast, about 10 minutes north of the town of Cabo San Lucas.

This starting point is perfect for jumping in a car or booking a tour and heading to Todos Santos, which has been given the distinction of Pueblo Magico, meaning Magical Town, by the Mexican Secretary of Tourism.

As a Grand Solmar Rancho San Lucas member, this little day trip is fun, exciting, and nonstressful. Super easy drive and beautiful scenery up and down the coast.

Todos Santos is about a 35-minute drive up a gorgeous stretch of the coastal road.

Todos Santos restaraunts Tre Galline

On the drive north, visitors will pass through Migrino, an upscale residential community; Elias Calles, a small farming and oceanfront town; Pescadero, a quaint surf town near famous surf beaches, and then you enter Todos Santos.

As visitors arrive in Todos Santos, they pull straight from the highway onto the brick streets. Initially, a few restaurants, bars, and plazas can be seen, and signs for local beach hotels and restaurants line the roads. As you pull into town, a large park surrounded by mature trees signals the start of the 8 or 9 blocks of the village of Todos Santos. The quaint streets are packed with restaurants, art galleries, cafes, and vendors selling arts and crafts, chocolates, leather goods, tequila, and all types of souvenirs.

A few of the most visited Todos Santos spots are the Hotel California and the Mission and Plaza just behind the Hotel. Some maintain that the Hotel California inspired the famous song by the Eagles. The Hotel is a great spot to grab lunch and a drink and browse their store filled with souvenirs and arts and crafts.

The plaza provides perfect photo opportunities; the pavilion overlooks the mission entrance, Todos Santos’ green hills, and homes below as they spread out towards the Pacific Ocean.

The General Marquez de Leon Theater, which is currently being restored to respect the history and architecture of the period, is also a beautiful theater where plays and opera performances are still held.

Cafe todos Santos

There are several cobblestone streets with galleries, cafes, and amazing pictures as the roads are lined with historic buildings. A favorite amongst Grand Solmar members is the Café Todos Santos, just a few blocks up the street from the mission. The bread, pastries, and treats are all made in-house and delicious.

The artists run many of the art galleries, and this offers an excellent opportunity to meet and get to know the artist if a piece of art should interest you. The town is immaculate and well-manicured, and several homes have beautiful gardens visible from the streets.

Todos Santos is a great way to spend a morning or early afternoon, and if you plan to hit one of the surf beaches on the way back, it can become an entire day trip on the Pacific Coast and a fun one for sure! An expertly prepared casual dinner.

Grand Solmar Rancho San Lucas is an upscale resort located on the Pacific side of Los Cabos. This resort offers the ultimate vacation luxury with stunning views and a desert landscape. Live life to the fullest with Grand Solmar Rancho San Lucas

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