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In the past, traveling to La Paz was more of an ordeal, a two lane highway was slow and winded through the mountains and it was the only way to get to the coastal city to the north. Today, from the entrance of Rancho San Lucas, with just a pit stop or two, it is less than 2 hours to the city center of La Paz. Prior to Costco and Wal-Mart opening in Cabo, La Paz was the place to go to shop and stock up on imported goods and even Mexican goods as they always had a larger selection compared to the smaller Cabo markets. La Paz still has Sears, Liverpool and DAX, which are large department stores, which are great places to shop at Christmas and during the Holiday Season. Here are the top things to check out in La Paz.

The Malecon, a beautiful seaside boardwalk that is perfect for taking a stroll, riding a bike or skateboard and spending an evening watching a sunset. Along the water front, dozens of bars and restaurants line the street offering locally sourced seafood, and cocktails to be enjoyed looking out over the Sea of Cortez. The lights of the city are amazing at night, and many statues and monuments line the Malecon and make for great picture spots.
• If you are looking to spend the day on the beach, La Paz has probably the best beaches in Southern Baja, bar none. Balandra bay is a world famous beach and the spot for many movies and scenes in commercials. A giant bay with waist high water and crystal clear blue water over white sand. Perfect for swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding and spending a relaxing day. Corumuel, is also a beach close to the Malecon and provides a great view of the city and sandbar. Tecolote is also a great place to go to have a seafood lunch, or jump on a tour of Espiritu Santo Island, which is an amazing place to see.

Spending the Day in La Paz, Just a Short Drive North (2)

Balandra bay, world famous beach

Seafood Paradise – La Paz is a port city and of course fishing is a major industry here. Being located in the rich waters of the Sea of Cortez, shrimp, scallops, fish filets are all plentiful. El Bismarkcito is a well-known restaurant on the Malecon and always has many patrons enjoying lunch or dinner. If you are in the mood for fish tacos, ceviche, fresh oysters or clams, or a shrimp cocktail they have you covered and probably another 75 menu items to choose from. Over two-dozen seafood restaurants or found on the Malecon alone, and another probably 50 in the town which are also famous and offer amazing seafood creations.

You should plan for about 3.5 hours round trip to and from Rancho San Lucas on the way to La Paz. There are plenty of spots to stop and rest if you want more time, Todos Santos, La Garita are all on the way and make for a perfect place to stop and grab a bite and stretch your legs. Enjoy La Paz!

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