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Grand Solmar At Rancho San Lucas is a top-rated 5-star luxury resort on Baja’s Pacific coast, just to the north of Cabo San Lucas. Once at the resort itself, members will find many ways to spend their time, and they’ll find many more things to do just down the road in Cabo.

From the best sportfishing to golfing, shopping to dining, or even just spending a day at the beach, members of Grand Solmar At Rancho San Lucas will find no shortage of activities in and around the resort.

Those visitors to the Los Cabos area who want to dig a little deeper into the local culture and experience something a bit different can head up the Pacific coast a short drive north from Grand Solmar At Rancho San Lucas to the charming town of Todos Santos. Just s short drive away from this beautiful resort, you can experience a part of Mexican culture and pick up some lovely souvenirs to take home with you.

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Todos Santos, designated as a “Pueblo Magico” by Mexico’s Secretariat of Tourism, is a quaint, laid-back town where Grand Solmar At Rancho San Lucas members will find an inviting and welcoming atmosphere. Living up to its designation as a Pueblo Magico, it is recognized as a place for its cultural or historical significance.

Todos Santos is known as a haven for both local and visiting artists. Walking along the town’s streets, visitors will find more than a few art galleries and shops dedicated to local arts and crafts, as well as standard souvenirs and gifts.


Grand Solmar At Rancho San Lucas Recommends a Day in Todos Santos (2)

There is a lovely town square at the center of town, surrounded by lush vegetation. There is a historical mission on one side of the courtyard, with the city’s main church standing directly across from it. This square is an excellent and very popular place for taking photos.

From here, down the cobblestone streets in any direction, there are also plenty of cafes and restaurants where visitors can grab snacks, a meal, or just-drinks. Todos Santos is the perfect place to spend a day relaxing and exploring.

Cabo San Lucas is known for its fun and lively atmosphere. It’s a place where many exciting activities and experiences can be had. But for those members of Grand Solmar, At Rancho San Lucas who want to slow it down a bit and enjoy a slower, more relaxing pace while taking in the culture, they can always make the short trip up the coast to Todos Santos.

As we write this, the Humpback Whale migration has started, and the guest sits around and watches the spectacular scenes of the whales breaching in the warm Pacific waters. There are many places to enjoy whale sightings at the resort and along the pristine coastline, as well as plenty of options for whale-watching cruises.

Taking the highway to Todos Santos is a fun adventure all its own. The drive along the beautiful Pacific coastline affords visitors many opportunities to appreciate the gorgeous natural surroundings. Then, after enjoying all the town has to offer, you may experience an awe-inspiring sunset over the Pacific Ocean on your way back to Cabo San Lucas and Grand Solmar, At Rancho San Lucas.

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