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Grand Solmar @ Rancho San Lucas is a Cabo San Lucas resort development, sitting right on Baja’s Pacific Coast. Resort members enjoy the grand ocean vistas and stunning desert landscape that they are privy to while vacationing in Cabo, and appreciate that none of it was done by accident. The resort was meticulously designed to offer them the very best in accommodations and amenities, while preserving the natural beauty of the land.


One of the first things members notice upon arriving at Grand Solmar @ Rancho San Lucas is the way in which the resort perfectly complements the surrounding countryside. It’s immediately apparent that the developers took their inspiration from the land itself when designing the resort, and to great effect. The lines of the buildings at Grand Solmar @ Rancho San Lucas mimic the natural lines of the land, mirroring its beauty rather than intruding upon it. And much of the land on the 834 acre property has been left untouched and undeveloped so as to allow Baja’s natural environment to be the main feature at the resort. Not only has this created a stunning home resort for members of Grand Solmar @ Rancho San Lucas to enjoy, but it also conforms to the development team’s philosophy of environmental awareness. The high desert ecosystem of Southern Baja is a special and unique place, home to several plant and animal species that can be found nowhere else on earth, and deserves to be enjoyed by generations of residents and travelers to come. Grand Solmar @ Rancho San Lucas is proud to play a part in the preservation of that ecosystem through its sustainable development practices, and prouder still to offer its members the best in vacation accommodations.