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Grand Solmar Rancho San Lucas is an enchanting resort situated on southern Baja’s Pacific coast. With its stunning vistas, cool breezes, and massive array of onsite amenities, members might never want to leave.

But when and if they do decide to explore beyond the resort, they’ll find that Los Cabos has much to offer in terms of activities and adventure. And one of the most fulfilling events for Grand Solmar Rancho San Lucas members is discovering the local marine life while snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of the Sea of Cortez.

snorkeling b Grand Solmar Rancho San Lucas

The vibrant sea life along the Los Cabos coastline is truly a wonder to behold, and Grand Solmar Rancho San Lucas members have many great snorkeling spots to choose from not far from the resort. The beach in front of the Pacific side is not for swimming; It is the best for Whale watching. It does have a vast riptide making it unsafe for swimming,

Of course, they can head over to the “main” beach, Playa Medano, for a day full of activity, including snorkeling in the tranquil waters of the bay that has its on the set of bars and vendors and all you could imagine. Medano is a great way to spend a day, and you can go to the marina and take a water Taxi.

But those looking for an even more incredible snorkeling experience should head up the Cortez coast a few miles, where they’ll find a pair of protected coves. In Santa Maria and Chileno beach coves, the water is refreshingly fresh and has abundant sea life. Grand Solmar Rancho San Lucas members will be delighted by the vividly colored fish they see while snorkeling at these spots and even more delighted by how playful and willing they interact with those fish. Snorkeling at Santa Maria and Chileno is truly a magical experience and a memory that will last a lifetime.

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This is 2021, and now more than ever, we appreciate that life is short and vacations are fun and give us family bonding. Experiences like this are priceless and should be enjoyed more than one week per year. Our European friends vacation for one month per year as we in North America are workaholics. We need to enjoy life to the fullest and live for today. GSRSL offers that and so much more. We are not far away by plane, and more and more routes and airlines are adding Cabo to the list. So come and enjoy the good life with us.

From Grand Solmar Rancho San Lucas, everything Los Cabos has to offer is only a few minutes away. For those interested in interacting with the local marine life, all they have to do is grab some snorkeling gear and make the short trip over to one of Cabo’s many beautiful beaches.

Grand Solmar Rancho San Lucas Snorkeling along Cabo's Corridor (1)

Los Cabos is fun. Let’s face it; it is goto playground for the rich and famous. Why not try all the activities out there and have the best of times. This your time spend it with us and enjoy the luxury that we are known for.

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